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Top 10 Places for Spring Break 2021

Spring Break: the tradition every university student and soon-to-graduate parties observe religiously. Some may even argue that Spring Break is a bigger deal than graduation; after all, it’s the chance to party off exam stress and upcoming adult-ing responsibilities.

Having established this early spring vacation since the 1930s, many countries and coastal resorts have prepared the ultimate entertainment grounds. Consisting of beaches, 24/7 clubs, special events and social everything, these top 10 places for Spring Break 2021 are ready to cater. If you’re already planning the perfect escape for 2021, here are the contenders for your long-awaited holiday.

  1. Nassau, Bahamas

Keep your swimsuit on 24/7 at the Bahamas – a tropical paradise of over 700 islands. The capital Nassau is fashioned as both a holiday resort and cultural lynchpin, acting as port for cruise ships and connected to neighboring islands via bridges. You can expect the requisite beach fun and water sporting; diving and snorkeling are a blast thanks to the abundance of coral reefs and isolated lagoons. The hilly landscape also adds dimension to nature exploration, allowing breathtaking views after vigorous hikes.

Alternate your time at the cays and strolling through the pastel-colored streets, the latter characterized by British colonial buildings. Nassau Straw Market is a great souvenir hunting ground as it sells straw-related handicrafts; you’ll want to drop by Fort Charlotte and the historic quarters too. Given its proximity to The States, you can stay longer and take detours to nearby islands; enjoy Eleuthera’s pink beaches and the Great Abaco’s turquoise excess.

  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Poised on the eastern just of the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana, popular for their all-inclusive resorts and healthy dose of activities. And we do mean healthy; you’ll find plenty of zip-lining courses, windsurfing opportunities and sailors taking in the length of the coast. Combined with the Bávaro region, this ‘Coconut Coast’ is a bargain trip of endless beach beauty.

The all-inclusive offer makes it one of the ideal and top 10 places for spring break 2021. Luxurious but not budget-breaking accommodation will help organize tours to nature reserves and stunning nooks like Hoyo Azul watering hole. You can take your pick of tree-skimming activities and day out on sea, perhaps a quick sweep around Cap Cana for upscale shopping.

  1. Panama City Beach, Florida

You don’t have to travel far to have fun as Panama City Beach attests. For 27 miles of beach, you get days of limitless partying along the Gulf of Mexico. Because it’s such an accessible destination (via driving and plane), it has become one of the hottest locations for university crowds. Hotels and condos all face the sea; step out and you’ll be on the beach. Whether you’re lounging on a sunbed or parasailing above it all, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Massive beach clubs keep your energy up until sunbreak, complementing dance spaces with live concerts and celebrity appearances to make your trip memorable. There’s no pressure to party either, even if you may inevitably end up in a crowd; book a room with a balcony and you can observe the noise without drowning in it.

  1. Split, Croatia

Sun spills over this ancient city in Croatia, compelling you with charming port vibes and unfettered access to the Dalmatian Sea. Where tourists inhabit every nook and crevice of Split’s winding limestone streets in the summer, spring features a much less coveted waterfront promenade. Forgo long queues and enjoy lower prices as you wander through the Diocletian’s Palace, Saint Domnius Cathedral and other heritage sites.

Of course, the ultimate perk lies with the stunning array of beaches along the Adriatic; Split’s reputation as a coastal getaway is well-deserved. From soft stretches of sand to pebbled patches along the rugged coast, the beach-must have is guaranteed. The waters may be a bit too cold for island hopping and long swims, but those with sailing experience can still charter a boat for a glorious cruise.

  1. Cancún, Mexico

Close enough to not waste time on travelling but exotic enough to appease that wanderlust, Cancún is your typical Spring Break destination. There’s nothing to romanticize despite the long miles of beach and sun-drenched grounds; this place is all about wild parties and raves on sand. What’s amazing is that there are all-inclusive hotels that treat you to margaritas, on-site live entertainment and within walking distance of nightclubs (and even a cabaret experience). Some even offer pool parties with celebrity performers and free-flow drinks.

If that 24-hour party scene isn’t for you, you can also take short breaks exploring its natural spaces. The Cancún Underwater Museum will take you on a fascinating dive with underwater sculptures; the Xcaret Park is an eco-archaeological wonder. Ventura Park is a compromise on thrilling activity with low-key party vibes, mixing land and water fun without the crazies. Cancún is high on our list of top 10 places for Spring Break 2021.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Perhaps not the most budget-friendly of Spring Break destinations, but Berlin’s energy is hard to resist. The prolific party scene definitely factors in; you can toast the locals at beer halls or escape into themed clubs until dawn breaks. Burlesque shows, while losing the alcoholic tinge, is another facet of nightlife that fuels the party fever.

Feed into Berlin’s cultural excess too; there’s simply so much history to breathe in. The Berlin Wall’s graffiti-covered expanse and wartime memorials may cast a somber tone but ultimately the city is one of progress and hope. Follow up your historical forays with a stroll through the vibrant Kreuzberg neighborhood; maybe visit a gallery or two. The delicious offerings at Markthalle Neun will satisfy your cravings for street food before you start the cycle all over again.

  1. Jamaica, Caribbean

Those who equate Spring Break with white beaches and tropical playgrounds will feel the pull of Jamaica. This Caribbean Island has long established holiday resorts for this very purpose, entertaining schools of students and allowing them to mingle at daily beach parties. While the island is rich in culture, we know what everyone comes here for: non-stop entertainment.

Even scrumptious food can’t slow down the constant movement that the local reggae scene evokes. It’s easy to will away hours on the beach and in the sea, whether you’re at Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or romantic Negril. Come night time, bars and clubs are packed with enthusiastic dancers and ambitious drinkers. Jamaica is a destination for those who want to party to the fullest.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

Booze and high cliffs don’t exactly mix but luckily for us, Dublin is just the right balance of city delights and natural wonders. Start your break with an instant dive into Ireland’s considerable whiskey and stout selections – what better way to forget the stresses of school than a visit to Jameson Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse? It’s proof that you can learn beyond the classroom while enjoying certain comforts.

The walkable city has plenty of heritage to experience too. Navigate Dublin’s compact streets to find the dated St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle. The sprawling Phoenix Park and projects arts center Temple Bar also captures the nature-meet-city theme, while Kilmainham Gaol is a prison turned museum that housed many Irish revolutionaries. If your schedule lines up, Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Festival is a great stage for that Spring Break energy; it’s a month-long endeavor that wraps up with a massive parade mid-March.

  1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The resort town of Puerto Vallarta is a one-stop shop for everything Spring Break: beaches, night life, water sports and festive ambiance. You can start with a thorough looksee around Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Church, where cobblestone streets fan out in lines of boutiques, restaurants and bars. The crowd will lead you to El Malecón, the beachside promenade strewn with contemporary sculptures and clubs. If you stay within town, Playa Camarones and Playa Los Muertos have their own hotel and water sporting facilities, keeping the action close and convenient.

For more open spaces, hit up the Bay of Flags for your choice of beaches. Sheltered coves are pleasant for snorkeling; the waves call out to surfers. The uninhabited Islas Marietas is a true gem where you’ll find private hideaways and amazing geographical phenomena.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Some may argue that Prague is best experienced in the haunting chill of winter, but in spring, this Czech city is imbibed with a softer scent. Remove yourselves from assessments and library and step into this fairytale-like setting filled with romantic architecture. 9th-century Prague Castle is an iconic landmark that offers panoramic views over the city; Charles Bridge is another, with oft grotesque statues perched along the dark stone. The historical Old Town Square is hemmed with legends whilst favoring modern comforts, terraced restaurants serving spiced wines and authentic eats under the tolling of the stunning Clock Tower.  

It’s not all solemn history and regal atmosphere either – there are plenty of traditional taverns and beer halls when you can sample craft beers at cheap prices. Wine can be delivered to your accommodation in display of Prague’s laid-back and communal culture. Definitely one of the top 10 places for Spring Break 2021 destinations to consider!

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