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Here we present to you an article of top 10 countries known for good food. Eating may once have been a purely biological need but present day, it is an undisputable cornerstone in both social bonding and cultural explanation. The subject of universal obsession, we have created terms like ‘brunch’, ‘afternoon tea’, ‘midnight snack’ to capture its constant presence; ‘foodie’, ‘foodventures’, ‘noms’ build this myth around the eternal hunt for delicious eats. We write literature that immortalize the smells and tastes of our meals, take photos to retain the vivid coloring and presentation.

From food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants, small family-run affairs to fancy luxurious dining – let’s admit it, we want them all. And so after eating our way around the world, we’ve pinpointed 10 countries known for its cuisine. If your happiness is dependent on unique flavors and innovative dishes, you’ll want to check off the list one by one.

  1. Japan

When you’ve learned to respect the sea and mountains, they share their ample treasures. What were once tiny communities in Japan had developed over thousands of years into metropolitan cities and nostalgia-heavy villages. With this reverent relationship that hasn’t waned comes a cuisine that is subtle, fresh and unexpectedly complex.

Japanese diets circle around seafood, wheat staples, egg and pork. Some dishes may seem simple but its preparation techniques took generations to perfect. Sushi for instance, is considered a master art form. This signature food covets fresh cuts of fish, both raw and grilled, laid on top of bite-sized rice clusters. Another to-try sea-based dish is grilled eel served on steaming rice; for soup based foods, udon and soba noodles are classic Japanese fare. If your tastes lean toward the deep fried and oil popping, opt for deep-fried pork cutlets (tonkatsu) or all-you-can-eat barbecue grill. Missing home? Give their varied nabe hot pots a try.

  1. Greece

If you’re seeking a light affair with deep culinary history, Greek food is a gem among the Mediterranean tribe. Middle Eastern influences add a smoky hue to the mostly sea-based diet, but the heart of Greek cuisine still thrives on olives and oils, fresh loaves, citruses and herbs, herbs, more herbs. You’ll never go hungry because their hospitality is never letting their guests leave without an appetizer and dessert to complete the set.

Starters are a dreamy (and creamy) mash of stuffed grape leaves, tzatziki, soft cheese blessed with olive oil, strapatsada and keftedakia (meatballs you’ll want more of). Budget but authentic eats include souvlaki; it’s a filling combo of spiced meat skewers served on pita bread, a side of French fries and tzatziki sauce. Then there’s gyros, a Middle-Eastern shaved meat classic that evolved into a pita filling, stuffed with tomato and onion.

  1. Thailand

It’s spicy, light, healthy and salty – Thai food is some of the most colorful eats you’ll find in the world and cheap. We’ll spare you the history because there’s so much food to introduce.

Pad thai is the tourist cliché but for a reason. From the stringy noodles to the crunch of peanuts and bean sprouts, the sour lime garnish and smattering of spice, it’s the epitome of Thai cuisine. Prefer something rich but mild? Try massaman curry for a generous dose of chicken and potato, layered with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, star anise and more spices. Tom yum goong is a must as the steaming, spicy broth soaks into the shrimp, made complex with galangal, kaffir lime and lemongrass accents. And if you make it to the noisy and vibrant food courts, be sure to try any of their chilled and rainbow-colored drinks.

  1. Italy

Italian food is in some ways a reflection of Italy itself – vivid and intense sceneries that look ethereal under light. Likewise, Italian food is a blend of soft ingredients that yield strong flavour. You’ll find that the quality of produce is emphasized over the refined preparation that Japanese cuisine demands; this European kitchen is all about fresh ingredients and home-made everything. At the base of its most traditional dishes are soft dough, tomato, olive oil and green herbs.

Pizza is a guarantee food-to-try, including the solid choices of margherita and quattro formaggi. Other mains are pastas in all shapes and consistency, although pesto, cacao e pepe and the classic carbonara are top picks. There are plenty of before and post-main bites that bring out Italy’s simple but addicting palate; start with a round of caprese (mozzarella served on fresh bread) and finish the meal with the sweet but tart panna cotta for dessert. Italy ranks high on our list of the top 10 countries known for good food.

  1. Iran

What’s more exotic than Iranian cuisine and its Persian classics? Heavy on the meats and stews, Iranian meals are typically hearty and warm despite the climate. In contrast the gamey base, garnishes and sides tend towards nuts, juicy fruits and sweet vegetables.

For one, you’ll want to try the fesenjan which brings home to you; it’s a stew made with chicken and tempered with pomegranate and walnuts. Get your balance of greens with the ghormeh sabzi, a meaty serve with leeks, parsley, cilantro and fenugreek leaves. Camel meat is a surprisingly common ingredient too. Tahchin however, is the carb-based meal you’ve been missing – a rice cake sanded with saffron, eggs and yoghurt. Although not as mainstream, Persian cuisine is unique and therefore we have included it on our list of top 10 countries known for good food.

  1. China

Diversity is truly the key to unlocking Chinese cuisine. Preferred tastes and ingredients depend on region as the massive sprawl of territory covers all sorts of geological terrain. Mountainous cities depend on gamey meat, whereas coastal cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong can afford more seafood. The northern region combats colder weather with spicy dishes; the south tends to milder tastes.

Depending on which region you’re visiting, some culinary highlights are: hot pot (you choose fresh ingredients to cook in broth), noodles (in varying thickness and base ingredient), dumplings, dim sum (a series of steamed or deep-fried dishes served in bamboo steamers), tofu and your choice of stir-fried vegetable. You’ll realize that while rice and noodles are shared staples, the accompanying dishes showcase a mindboggling spectrum of flavours. You can enjoy three dishes in one, like the case of the sweet and sour pork – deep fried pork bites covered in sweet sauce, tinged sour with chopped pineapple and sliced capsicums adding crunch.

  1. India

No cuisine makes your mouth water like Indian food does, which is why it also on our list of top 10 countries known for good food. Even just imagining its hot curries and soft breads is enough to make the stomach rumble. It also offers an incredible array of vegetarian and vegan dishes, proving healthy can also mean delicious. We do want to break the notion that Indian food is only about the Chicken tikka masala; as scrumptious as that tandoori chicken and tomato base is, there’s so much more to this fascinating cuisine.

Any doughy product is worth its gold, whether it is flaky paratha bread or fluffy curry-filled pav baji buns. Then you have the tongue-burning rogan josh and aromatic biryani, the crisp texture of panipuris. The combinations of spices are tantalizing, balanced out by the numerous sweets and fruity yogurts. Order a lassi to drink to even out the intense flavors.

  1. Spain

Spain is marked by turbulent history, invasions and conquests that introduced various cultures to the local community. Growing alongside the cultural melting pot is an equally dramatic cuisine – trade brought in new ingredients while outside cultures influenced cooking methods and taste. Still, Spain’s coastal perimeter yields seafood as its ingredient of choice, complemented by a generous dose of staple foods and meat toppings.

Representing this culturally diverse country are the world-renown tapas, bite-sized dishes that feature every food item you can think of. There are favourites of course; think ham croquettes, patatas bravas, fried squid rings and ceviche (fresh raw shrimp cured in citrus juice). Wondering about smoky flavours? Iberico ham is great on bread but wrap them around asparagus for extra texture. Paella is a classic main alongside cod fish-based dishes, among which the bacalao pil pil is a Basque Country specialty.

  1. Turkey

Turkish food is a fusion of Ottoman elements; think central Asian, Middle Easter, Balkan and Eastern European recipes in one. While the underlying ingredient is usually lamb or beef, there’s plenty of accompaniments that leverage color; eggplants, onions, lentils, fish, zucchinis, tomatoes, all the nuts and spices. If you can’t tell, Turkish cuisine is all about heady flavors and rich textures.

Depending on which region you end up, you might come across the Cappadocian pottery kebab – literally stewed meat in a jar that gets broken open after hours on simmer. More hearty meals await with the Iskander kebab, which is thinly sliced lamb slathered with spiced tomato sauce and served on bread. Pide is another brick-oven classic, topped with numerous combos. Shish kebab is the famed dish to try if you can only have one.

  1. Morocco

Finishing off the list if Moroccan cuisine and here’s all you need to know about it: it is innovative. Seasoning aside, the aromatic dishes are the result of interesting combinations of ingredients and preparation.

Couscous is a Moroccan staple, often served with stewed lamb, beef or chicken and a range of vegetables. It’s served communal style opposed to the slow-cooked tagine, a stew prepared in clay or ceramic bowls and arranged in conical fashion. The soft vegetables and meat are paired with khobz bread. Preserve chicken with lemon and olives, or cook your lamb with prunes for a sweet and savory blend. The kefta meatball tagine and fascinating hot meat, broth and bread plating (rfissa) are other must-tries. If that fusion isn’t fantastic enough, try this layered savory pie: the Moroccan chicken bastilla. We hope you have enjoyed our tips and recommendations for the top 10 countries known for good food.

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